Embedded World '20

TapNLink NFC Bluetooth for System Instrumentation

Learn about the round-the-world adventures of Motobato and discover the ease of instrumenting equipment using mobiles and the TapNLink connectivity solution!

  • Instant wireless connectivty for electronic sensors
  • Implementation without coding
  • Mobile apps in minutes for iOS and Android
  • Cloud integration for data logging and analysis

Automatically Create Apps to Control Your MCU Applications

  • Just configure TapNLinkIoTize Studio does the rest!
  • Outputs iOS (IPA) and Android (APK) apps
  • Graphical controls
  • Support direct access to Mobile's features
  • Publishable on App Store and Play Store

TapNLink NFC Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Sensors

Demo features KapFlex capacitive sensors for hazardous, explosive liquids in automotive, logistic, health care and aerospace applications.

  • Powered from mobile energy harvesting, no batteries!
  • Instant wireless implements in minutes
  • Automatic app generation for user-tailored graphical interfaces
  • Secure and safe connectivity






3-Stroke Configuration with TapNLink NFC

  • Graphical interfaces that users expect right on their mobiles!
  • Ideal for configuration of equipment and appliances
  • Intuitive and easy wireless connection
  • Easy implement and evolve
  • Secure