Cloud Integration

IoTize Cloud service offer meets a range of designer requirements, whether they are just starting a proof-of-concept or deploying IoT services to end users. The IoTize Cloud service offer provides:
  • Rapid service prototyping with IoTize Primer and turn-key services of a dedicated AWS account
  • IoT application development by customizing services on the client’s dedicate AWS account 
  • Client-specific software component development (messaging, pre-filtering, message pre-processing protocol mediation, etc.) interfaced with any client specific IoT infrastructure

Key Features

  • Refine user groups and access policies initially defined for modules in IoTize Studio
  • Transfer messages through MQTT, secured by certificate
  • Handle message routing and storage in a module or client-dedicated service space 
  • Share data in the same smartphone interface used for local monitoring
  • Customize data views including choice of variables, time frame, display format, graph types, etc.
  • Export data
  • Access data via a standardized API to (latest value or historical value) to build specific IoT applications

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