IoTize Studio is a customizable interface that help integrators to quickly add monitoring and data logging functionality to an embedded application.

This PC-based software allows to edit, test and transfer configuration data used by the different components of the IoTize architecture:

  • The TapNLink (also referred to as the Tap)
  • The smartphone monitoring application, running on top of ICS application
  • Optionally, a cloud platform (IoTize Primer Cloud Platform in the case of the Primer)

It also allows to auto-generate simple HTML monitoring pages, IoTize Studio allows you build a "skeleton" project (in the form of auto-generated pages).

  • This can be used to develop your own GUI and HTML5 application.
  • These auto-generated HTML pages are not intended to be cosmetically advanced, nor state-of-the-art “HTML5 + Javascript”.
  • They can be used as an example for your future application.

We advise you to follow the Getting started 2 session to

  • Download and install IoTize Studio,
  • Get an overview of the IoTize features, based on the Sensor Demo example.

This user manual cover both TapNLink and TapNPass Product range. However information for TapNPass is less detailed.

The prerequiste (target system, connecting modes between the Tap and the target system) are defined in the session "Architecture and concepts/ Overview of IoTize product range".