NFC Awards '20

NFC Forum Awards 2020 - IoTize nomination

NFC 3-Stroke Configuration Innovation Award Finalist

IoTize NFC 3-Stroke Configuration brings intuitive, secure smartphone connectivity to HVAC and other high energy consuming appliances. Thanks to Near Field Communication's instant and intuitive connection, owners read and modify an appliance's configuration in 3 simple, natural steps:

  1. Tap to recuperate configuration settings,
  2. Change settings in the app,
  3. Tap to update the configuration.

With IoTize's TapNLink and NFC 3-Stroke Configuration, HVAC equipment and appliance manufacturers can update their product lines rapidly and with no expertise in NFC or in mobile apps.

IoTize NFC 3-Stroke Configuration is a finalist for the NFC Innovation award. Nominees and awards will be presented in a virtual event organized by the NFC Forum in September. Register to participate here.

NFC 3-Stroke Configuration versus LCDs

NFC brings mobile ease-of-use to appliances

Appliance and equipment owners often dispense with configuring energy-saving features. In the HVAC industry, as few as 20% of home users configure radiator use-schedules that adjust heating to human presence. The complexity and poor ergonomy of on-appliance user interfaces turn owners away from potential energy savings.

IoTize TapNLink NFC modules and smartphones are the solution. With little effort and expertise, designers of HVAC appliances can provide smartphone apps for configuring their products. Apps offer users easy-to-read and use controls on the tactile display that they know the best.

With IoTize's NFC 3-Stroke Configuration, users can interact naturally, intuitively and securely with any TapNlink-equipped appliance in 3 steps: 1-Tap to retrieve, 2-Change, 3-Tap to update.

TapNLink NFC and Mobile apps for Electric Radiators

IoTize revolutionizes NFC and mobile accessibility for designers

With TapNLink modules, appliance designers don't re-invent their existing software and hardware to deliver NFC's intuitive, secure connectivity. TapNLink NFC modules add easily to existing electronic designs. Appliance designers simply:

  • Make 2 electrical connections
  • Configure TapNLink for their software
  • Configure graphical displays and click to generate their user interface as a mobile app.

TapNLink eliminates the need for experience in security, mobile apps, NFC and antenna design. No coding is required at the embedded system level, or at the mobile app level.

With pre-implemented security and wireless features, and automatic mobile app generators (iOS & Android), TapNLink speeds NFC integration, and reduces project complexity. By transferring the display from the appliance to smartphones, TapNLink also reduces the components required in the appliance's hardware design. Designers can deploy NFC enhaced appliances more rapidly to take advantage of emerging business opportunities and thus improve their return-on-investment.

With TapNLink, NFC security and ease-of-use have never been more accessible to system designers.