MtoM et Objets Connectés '20

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*** Event postponed due to Covid-19 official counter measures. Check this page for updates. ***


Learn about our latest products and developments including...

TapNPass Nomad and Fixed NFC, Bluetooth (BLE), Wi-Fi wireless adapters transform any available fieldbus into a wireless port for local connection of mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows 10). Enhance use and servicing of industrial equipment with secure, profile-specific Human Machine Interfaces on mobile devices!

TapNPass products are in stock now!

TapNLink NFC / BLE and NFC / Wi-Fi modules instantly link your microcontroller applications to mobile devices  (Android, iOS, Windows 10). Just plug in, configure and you're connected!

TapNLink NFC / BLE products are in stock now!

TapNLink LPWAN previews its first modules that combine wireless channels to support:

  • Permanent, long range, low power connectivity for centralized monitoring

  • Secure, intuitive local connectivity to facilitate on-site service interventions

Both capabilities come in a simple, easy-to-integrate component that can be added to any microcontroller-based system in just minutes. No hardware design or coding required!

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