Welcome to IoTize TapNLink Primer

Thank you for choosing TapNLink Primer to create your IoT proof-of-concept. The Primer provides an introduction to using TapNLink radio (RF) modules to connect any MCU-based system to a smartphone and to the Cloud.

Get started with your Primer by following the tutorial below. It is based on the provided sample MCU application board and the IoTize STM32 Sensor Demo app that you have installed on your smartphone. It introduces you to the configuration tools and teaches you how to reconfigure your Primer.

TapNLink Primer

What Does TapNLink Primer Do?

Your Primer connects to 2 GPIO on the MCU in your application (in this Tutorial it uses the GPIO for the MCU's debug port). This allows you to connect it to an MCU application without changing your original firmware. Your Primer's communication co-processor contains a configuration that tells it:

  • Where variables that interest you are located in your MCU's memory
  • The type of access that is allowed (read or read/write)
  • What smartphone app to install/run when a smartphone connects to your Primer

Based on the addresses and the access rights that you set, Primer allows a user to non-intrusively read and/or write data values in the MCU's memory. Reading allows you to monitor the evolution of data while the MCU executes its firmware. Writing allows you to modify or control the execution of the application.

The Primer's NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interfaces allow it to connect to a smartphone via an app called IoTize Communication Service (ICS). Data from the target system can then be viewed and/or modified using the smartphone user interface. Via the smartphone this data is also sent to a dedicated and provisioned AWS-based Cloud platform.


Register & Try the Sample App

Using the instruction card provided with your Primer, you connected your Android or iOS smartphone to the Primer, installed the IoTize Communication Service app and tried the STM32 Sensor Demo app. If you did not do it, you must do this first. Here's what you'll need:

TapNLink Primer hardware:

  • 1x  IoTize TapNLink Primer with 5-wire connection cable
  • 1x  STM32 sample demo board

Also Requires:

  • Micro USB cord from your PC (for power supply)
  • Android smartphone or iPhone with Bluetooth, NFC (optional) and data connections enabled. Requires Android v4.0.3 or later version, or iOS v10.

Connect & Power Up

1. Connect Primer to the STM32 board.

2. Connect STM32 board’s USB to a PC for power supply.



For Android smartphones:

3. Install IoTize Communication Service (ICS) app from Google Play Store. (Use NFC tap to connect and install it automatically!)

4. Launch ICS and connect smartphone to Primer ’s Bluetooth. (Use NFC tap to connect, pair and launch the app automatically!)

For iOS iphones and ipads:

3. Install IoTize Communication Service (ICS)  app from Apple Store.

4. Launch ICS and connect iPhone to Primer ’s Bluetooth.



Launch the Sample App

After IoTize Communication Service is installed on your smartphone, connecting it to the Primer a second time launches the sample monitoring app, IoTize STM32 Sensor Demo. This app displays information about the application processor (operating frequency, temperature, etc.). The buttons at the bottom of the interface allow you to control the LED on this sample demo board. With this example we see that it is possible via the TapNLink Primer to non-intrusively read and write variables in the STM32's memory.

IoT Cloud Primer 

In this app, click on Register and follow the instructions to register your Primer on the dedicated Cloud platform. You will need to access your email account to receive the validation links from the IoT Cloud Primer. Once this is done, you can log into the Cloud platform and view and manage the data coming from your TapNLink Primer.

Note that you may only want to work with your Primer to exchange data locally between your microcontroller application and your smartphone. You are not required to use your Primer's Cloud account. It is intended as a demonstration and sample implementation for users who are interested in data logging on the Cloud.

TapNLink Primer Tutorial - Learning to Use Your Primer

In this Primer tutorial, you learn how to configure Primer using the provided sample STM32 target board. After doing this tutorial, you will be able to connect to, and configure your Primer for any application that uses an ARM Cortex-M based MCU.

This tutorial is divided into the following parts: