The IoTize Wireless Solution

Complete Solution to Migrate Your Products to the IoT

Integrate wireless connectivity in existing designs without re-coding, redesigning and re-qualifying them.

IoTize™ offers a complete solution for migrating new and existing electronic systems to the Internet of Things (IoT). The solution was inspired by the possibility to integrate IoT connectivity without redesigning a system's electronics or recoding its firmware.

To do this, IoTize uses technologies and techniques that are typically reserved for system programming and debugging. This unique approach makes it possible to add wireless connectivity without redesigning the system. It also delivers flexibility in new designs through simple encapsulation of complex wireless communication, networking and security features. This facilitates the initial integration, but also makes it possible to easily evolve the wireless connection to meet future needs or technology evolutions... and without ever recoding the system's original software.

With IoTize, designers can leverage a range of wireless technologies depending on the use cases for their system. IoTize provides fully qualified wireless implementations. These allow connection to local information appliances (smartphones, PDAs, tablets, PCs, etc.) allowing users to monitor or update a system and transfer data to the Cloud if/when necessary. They also allow connection WAN or LPWAN for remote supervision and remote access control from the Cloud. IoTize also provides a complete system-to-Cloud IoT solution based on MQTT. This solution easily integrates both private and public Cloud platforms. 

The IoTize solution minimizes the risks of IoT migration for the designers of electronic systems. Whether you are creating an early IoT proof-of-concept, retrofitting products for the IoT or designing new IoT-enabled products, IoTize provides the required connectivity, ease-of-implementation and flexibility.


IoTize Tap offers you immediate integration of wireless connectivity. It eliminates the need to redesign or recode existing firmware. Your product designers maximize their re-use in existing designs, gain speed in prototyping and shorten time-to-market of your wireless-enabled products.

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IoTize Tap provides you qualified wireless designs (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) for point-to-point connection of electronics with mobile devices (smartphones, tablet PCs, etc.).

Future modules combine point-to-point technologies with long-range, low power consumption technologies (LoRa, SigFox, NB-IOT, etc.) for remote alarm and configuration management.*

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IoTize Security by Design

IoTize Tap makes security intrinsic to your wireless integration with pre-implemented mechanisms for access control, authentication and encryption.

Security mechanisms implement by simple configuration and require no expertise or code development.

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Reduce Risks, Shorten Time-to-Market and Improve Adaptability

IoTize reduces the risks and streamlines the path of IoT migration by providing design teams a clear roadmap with milestones for integration combined with turnkey, certified connection and security infrastructures. IoTize ease, simplicity and adaptability make it the ideal connectivity solution for companies embarking on the road to IoT integration.

This is the IoTize advantage. Make it your advantage!