Package of 100 TapNLink BLE and NFC (Type5) module for local smartphone connection with microcontroller-based electronic systems.

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TapNLink NFC-BLE wireless modules enable connection of your microcontroller-based electronic system to mobile devices via the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, range to 100m) and Near Field Communication (NFC, range to 4 cm) interfaces. TapNLink, also supports NFC automated, secure wake up and pairing of the BLE interface.

TapNLink direct connects to the microcontroller in your electronic design via the debug port (SWD protocol) or a secured serial port (S3P, 2 GPIO). With debug port implementation, TapNLink connects instantly to any ARM Cortex-based microcontroller. Secure serial connection is possible on any microcontroller with Flash memory.

Physical Characteristics

TapNLink's 28 x 38 x 3 mm module is compact and low profile. It physically integrates into a machines or appliances, and may be deported to up to one meter to facilitate accessibility for NFC implementation.

A standard ABS plastic casing (dimensions: 50mm diameter) is available to simplify mechanical integration, ensure interoperability and provide protection from humidity or dust in harsh environments.

Security Features

TapNLink supports local security measures at the module level including definition of user profiles (login/password, access rights to specific variables) and encryption of the communication channel.

When implementing with secured serial port (S3P), TapNLink allows encryption of the communication channel all the way to the microcontroller of your target system, and restriction of the accessible memory space.

Mobile Device Support

Mobile apps are based on IoTize Tap Manager app for Android (Android 4.0.3 or later versions) and iOS platforms. Tap Manager handles all communication interfaces so system designers don't have to.

Designers focus instead the needs of their users and the representation and exploitation of their system's data in the mobile app. Apps can be developed as native apps or as HTML5/CSS hybrid apps.


TnL-FIR103  is fully qualified CE, FCC, IC.

IoTize products are ROHS and WEEE.

Pricing and Ordering

Pricing is provided by package of 20 TapNLink modules.  Modules are delivered production ready in anti-static trays as shown below.

For pricing in larger production quantities, please email us. include the reference that you wish to purchase and the quantity.

ABS plastic casing can be purchased seperately here.

TapNLink NFC-BLE modules tray


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Package of 1000 TapNLink BLE and NFC (Type5) module for local smartphone connection with microcontroller-based electronic systems.

Package of 1000 modules
Android, iOS compatible.