IoTize-Raisonance Frequently Asked Questions

IoTize SAS Frequently Asked Questions

In the February 2017 spin off by KEOLABS, the company IoTize SAS was created. The new company includes the IoTize connectivity solutions and Raisonance microcontroller application development tools. Below are the responses to the most frequently asked questions posed by Raisonance tool users, customers and partners.

What is IoTize?

IoTize is a unique technology that we designed in order to enable the Internet of Things (IoT) by adding networking connectivity to existing electronic systems without changing their original firmware. The IoTize approach eliminates much of the cost and most of the risks associated with migrating systems to an interconnected environment.

I originally launched IoTize as an R&D project in 2014 when the team was part of KEOLABS. That project combined the team's expertise in microcontroller application development and in Near Field Communications (NFC).

The resulting IoTize solution is a truly 'one-of-a-kind' approach to connectivity integration. We use on-chip debugging resources and techniques to monitor and control a system by non-intrusively reading and writing data in the memory of its central processor. As a result, IoTize is the only connectivity solution that can retrofit existing microcontroller systems for the IoT without modifying their native firmware.

This innovation has gained IoTize a lot of attention in the electronics industry with a 2015 cover article for EETIMES and innovation awards at the EmbeddedWorld and Trustech trade shows in 2016.

This year the team spun off from KEOLABS to create IoTize SAS and pursue the development and commercialization or our technology.


Why did IoTize spin-off from KEOLABS?

KEOLABS' core business is smart card testing and certification. No matter how promising and innovative IoTize may be, this technology and the Raisonance microcontroller development tools were not part of KEOLABS' core business. This reorganization allows both organizations to focus their efforts on their core business... and that is good for the customers of both companies.

As we move forward, IoTize SAS will focus our R&D efforts on providing designers of microcontroller-based systems with a Cloud-to-core infrastructure for rapid migration of their existing designs to the IoT. The resulting solutions reduce the risks and the time-to-market of IoT enabled products so that our customers can benefit from IoT revolution by winning market share and creating new revenue streams for their own businesses.


Why did Raisonance become part of IoTize SAS?

The original IoTize R&D project leveraged Raisonance technologies and expertise in microcontrollers, application development and system monitoring. The Raisonance team already had significant experience in the non-intrusive monitoring of microcontrollers and application execution. As a result, Raisonance know-how is central to our IoTize solutions.


Is the beginning of IoTize the end of Raisonance tools?


First, we have transferred all of the Raisonance products, technologies, personnel and business to IoTize SAS because they are a cornerstone of the IoTize solution. IoTize does not exist without them.

The Raisonance brand, which I created in 1988, is also known by designers of microcontroller-based systems on key markets worldwide. Because of this irreplaceable brand recognition, IoTize SAS will continue to use the Raisonance brand for all microcontroller application development tools... that's all of our compilers, programmers, debuggers and such. However, Raisonance becomes an IoTize brand.

The Raisonance tool team will continue to serve and support our key partners, among these STMicroelectronics, NXP, EM Microelectronics and Semtech. This means continuing our support of Raisonance users worldwide on a range of microcontroller architectures… ARM, Cortex-M, STM8, CoolRISC C816, and certain legacy architectures that include ST7, 8051 and Power PC.

In addition to this continued support of existing tools, in 2017 we expect introduce new tool innovations linked to our IoTize solutions and technologies. So stay tuned... there is definitely more to come!


What does this change mean for customers and users of Raisonance tools?

Raisonance users can expect to see some new and innovative tools for connectivity integration, application testing, monitoring and programming. These introductions stem from our IoTize solutions and we expect to make new product announcements towards the end of this year.

Our priority for 2017 is on the launch of our IoTize-M line of solutions and Primer evaluation tools. We previewed these at EmbeddedWorld in March 2017. So, application designers should watch the Raisonance site. More information will be coming in Q3.

With regard to the support of our current line of Raisonance tools. When using Raisonance tools, this change is transparent to users. They will still use Raisonance software, download from the Raisonance support site and exchange with Raisonance support team. 

All of the online resources for customers and users are unchanged. Raisonance tool users go to to buy products. Our support site provides software downloads, technical documentation, forums and an interface for entering support requests.

When purchasing Raisonance tools or service contracts, this is just an administrative change. Price quotations and invoicing come from the new company, IoTize SAS.


Can I still purchase Raisonance tools from KEOLABS?

No, all of the Raisonance brand tools for microcontroller application development including Ride7, RLink, REva, Primer and Open4 were transferred to IoTize SAS on 1 March 2017.

When you order online, this change is automatic and transparent for you. The credit card payment is made to the appropriate IoTize SAS account and you receive your order and invoice from IoTize SAS.

Note that all smart card testing platforms (ProxiLAB, ContactLAB, ProxiSPY, and NomadLAB) are only sold by KEOLABS. To order those products, you have to contact KEOLABS.


I need to update the vendor information in my company's systems. Where can I get the information about IoTize to do this?

Below you will find information that is typically requested to update a vendor database.

Updated bank information for payment by interbank transfer is provided on IoTize SAS invoices. If you require this or any other information to update your database, please check your IoTize invoice, or send a request by email to

    Company name: IoTize SAS
  Type of company: SAS - Société Anonyme Simplifié equivalent Public Limited Company
  License: 825 335 896 R.C.S. Grenoble
  Siret: 82533589600015
  N° TVA: FR56825335896
  Address: 17 avenue Jean Kuntzmann, 38330 Montbonnot Saint Martin, France
  Telephone (sales & invoicing): +33 (0)4 76 41 87 99
  Email (sales & invoicing):


For more information about IoTize SAS, please visit


About Raisonance brand tools from IoTize SAS

IoTize SAS ( provides a range of IoT connectivity solutions for microcontroller-based embedded systems (IoTize M-line) and systems implementing an industry standard system BUS (IoTize S-Line). IoTize solutions are designed for plug'n play retrofit of existing system designs thus reducing time-to-market and risks associated with migration to the IoT.

The Raisonance brand application development tools from IoTize support designers in creating, editing, debugging and programming their embedded microcontroller applications. Available under the Raisonance brand since 1988, this business unit serves customers that include leading component manufacturers and professional engineers worldwide. With expertise in both hardware and software design, the company offers innovative, high quality, cost effective tools that include compiler tool sets, integrated development environment, hardware starter kits and promotional products for 8 and 32-bit microcontroller technologies. Supported core technologies include industry standard ARM, 8051 and PowerPC, as well as several proprietary architectures.


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tel: +33 (0)4 76 41 87 99