IoTize™ Wins Embedded AWARD

IoTize wins Embedded Award

NFC and Bluetooth connectivity solution steals top hadrware innovation prize at Embedded World.

24 February, 2016 Nuremberg, Germany – Today, at the Embedded World 2016 exhibition, KEOLABS received the embedded AWARD 2016 in the Hardware category for IoTize™ – KEOLABS’ patented a turn-key connectivity solution that allows companies to add RF interfaces such as NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to their products without redesigning their product’s firmware

“We are very proud of the industries’ recognition of IoTize and the KEOLABS’ engineering team that brought us this innovation,” stated Michael Leplatois, President of KEOLABS. “I also want to thank our partners and our community, for their support of the IoTize collaborative project, which promises future innovations to secure communications for the IoT.”

IoTize™ leverages on-chip debugging/programming resources to allow retrofit of existing product designs for the IoT in just days. The solution also renders the connectivity channel (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.) transparent to a product’s embedded firmware. This means evolving connectivity from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi, for example, is as easy as connecting a new IoTize module to the product.

IoTize™ is also unique because of its use of Near Field Communications (NFC) for connecting to machines and other appliances in a model that uses the smartphone as a network gateway for the IoT. An NFC passive device (tag) is used by IoTize™ as both a principle communication channel for data exchanges with a smartphone, and for wake up and pairing of higher consumption interfaces such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The IoTize design project was introduced in 2014. Since it has evolved into a collaborative R&D project in with the participation of STMicroelectronicsGemalto, the Laboratoire Informatique de Grenoble (LIG) and the ISEN engineering school of Toulon. The project will culminate in 2018 with the addition of a complete, scalable infrastructure for cloud-to-core security. The IoTize project is endorsed by the French innovation clusters — Pole SCS and Minalogic, and benefits from national and regional funding.

The embedded AWARDS pay tribute to outstanding innovations in embedded technologies. The awards are attributed annually by a jury of industry experts in conjunction with the embedded world exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany.

Finalist nominees for the embedded AWARD 2016 hardware category were:

  • IoTize™ plug and play connectivity modules for embedded systems
  • ARM Ltd for their ARMv8-M architecture with ARM TrustZone® technology for microcontrollers
  • Lumen Radio AB for their Mira™ platform for creating self-healing multi-hop networked systems

About IoTize SAS

IoTize SAS is a French startup headquartered in the Inovallée in the Grenoble metropolitain area, an international center for research and development in the areas of digital, wireless, microelectronic and nano technologies that are all essential components of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoTize works with leading partners in microelectronics and digital security to design and manufacture turn-key connectivity solutions that dramatically reduce the risks and costs aossociated with migrating existing electronic systems to the IoT. IoTize products integrate a range of wireless technologies including Near Field Communications (NFC), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LoRa.

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