IoTize How?

Don’t reinvent systems. Rejuvenate them with IoTize™!

IoTize™ gets companies over connectivity hurdles by leveraging existing technologies and enabling retrofit of current designs. With very short time-to-market, no new expertise and minimal risk, IoTize™ users can enable the connectivity required for Smart Industrial, Smart Building and Smart Home environments.

Connectivity is all around us… interwoven in culture and daily habits. By leveraging the smartphone, companies can rapidly align products with users’ expectations and with their own needs for information about their products. IoTize™ enables rapid, low risk, cost-effective connectivity implementation without extensive expertise via leading RF technologies such as Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi. IoTize™ is also adaptable to any networking architecture (smartphone, gateway, direct GSM) and any RF technology (GSM, ISM Band, WMBus, SigFox, LoRa, etc.). IoTize™ gets companies over these immediate and future connectivity hurdles so they can focus instead on transforming IoT into new system features, services and business opportunities.

Enabling independent evolution of a product’s IoT connectivity, its user interface and its native functionality reduces time-to-market and risk. IoTize™ does this by leveraging the capabilities of a systems’ processor to monitor and drive systems without changing their native hardware or software. IoTize™ thus eliminates the need for full re-design and re-validation of native functionality. Companies focus instead on transforming connectivity into new IoT-based services and deploying these rapidly, with minimum risk in order to capitalize on the IoT revolution.

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IoTize Rejuvenates Legacy Systems

Rich product interfaces

Contemporary, eye-catching, easy-to-use and still cost effective. The smartphone offers all these advantages without requiring heavy investments in development and validation. And changing the interface is as easy as sending a new application to your users.


IoTize™ includes both on-board and server-based options to provide scalable security to any product. Define user groups and rights and manage authentication at a level that is appropriate to the product, the risk levels and the cost.

Connectivity Enhanced Services

With IoTize™, users’ smartphones recover product usage data. Transferred to the cloud, companies can leverage data to provide product evolutions, maintenance and support services based on real usage patterns and experiences. Companies can push new applications and even firmware updates to users to enable new features or correct problems.

Flexibility & Personalization

Evolving products to meet user expectations no longer requires upgrading the material product. With smartphone connectivity, user interfaces can be deployed and evolved to meet changing user expectations or to personalize functionality to different types of users.